A UN report denounces the “rapid deterioration” of human rights in the West Bank… and Israel responds

Egypt announced on Thursday that it had presented a framework for a proposal to end the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which includes three stages ending with a ceasefire, and said that it was awaiting responses to the plan, according to what was reported by Reuters.

The head of the Egyptian State Information Service, Diaa Rashwan, said in a statement, “Egypt confirms that it has not yet received any responses to the proposed framework from any of the concerned parties, and when responses are received from the parties, the proposal will be developed in detail and announced in full to Egyptian, Arab, and international public opinion.”

Rashwan explained that Egypt put forward the proposal “to try to bring viewpoints closer between the concerned parties in an effort to stop the aggression against Gaza.”

He continued, “This framework was formulated after Egypt listened to the views of all parties concerned with this framework.”

Egyptian security sources had previously told Reuters that the proposal includes a ceasefire in several linked stages, including the release of detainees by Israel and Hamas, and the idea of ​​managing Gaza after the war has been raised.

Reuters previously reported details from two Egyptian sources about the proposed proposal, which includes a proposal for Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movement to relinquish power in the Gaza Strip in exchange for a permanent ceasefire.

They added that Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials rejected such a proposal. Officials from both movements publicly denied what the two sources said.

The leaders of the two movements insist that the future of the Gaza Strip after the war must be decided by the Palestinians themselves and not according to external dictates.

Israel wants to destroy the two movements, and aides to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that this means dismantling the military and administrative capabilities of the two groups and “de-radicalizing” the residents of the Gaza Strip.

It is not yet clear, according to the agency, whether the proposed removal of the two movements from power will meet these demands.

According to Reuters, Egypt also proposes a ceasefire in several stages, with the initial stage being temporary for a week or two. It is possible to renew the temporary ceasefire.

According to Palestinian officials, they said that the ceasefire will be in three stages. During the first ten days of a humanitarian truce, Hamas will release all the women, children and elderly people detained by it.

In return, Israel releases an agreed-upon number of Palestinian prisoners of the same categories, stops all combat operations, withdraws tanks from the Gaza Strip, and allows the delivery of food and medical aid, fuel and cooking gas.

It also allows the return of residents to the northern Gaza Strip.

The second stage includes Hamas releasing all the Israeli female soldiers it detains. In return, Israel releases another group of Palestinians from its prisons.

The two sides also exchange bodies held by each other since October 7, according to Reuters.

The third phase may last for a month, and depending on the outcome of the negotiations, it will see the release of all those detained by Hamas in exchange for an agreed-upon number of Palestinian prisoners.

Israel will withdraw tanks from the Gaza Strip and both sides will stop all combat activities.

The agency quoted Egyptian sources as saying that the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements will not stop fighting unless the Israeli “aggression” stops.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad insist that a hostage exchange deal must lead to the release of all Palestinians in Israeli prisons. A senior Islamic Jihad official said, according to Reuters, “All for all.”

As for the idea of ​​managing Gaza in the post-war period, Egypt, according to Reuters, supports talks to form a technocratic government that will manage relief aid, rebuild Gaza, and hold legislative elections.

The final stage of the proposal will witness the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza and allow the displaced to return.

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