After multiple warnings, the Israeli army announces the interception of a drone coming from Lebanon

The Israeli army announced on Thursday that it had shot down a drone coming from Lebanon, after raising multiple warnings in various places in northern Israel after detecting aerial infiltration.

According to Reuters, there were no immediate reports of human casualties.

Alarm sirens sounded in several areas in northern Israel, including Acre, northern Haifa, and the regions of Upper Galilee and Har Dov, for fear of drone infiltration from the direction of Lebanon.

Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraee said on his page on the “X” platform, “Following up on the warnings in the area south of Acre (Hakrayot area), talk of monitoring a hostile march that infiltrated from the direction of Lebanon towards Israeli territory to be intercepted by air defenses.”

No party has claimed responsibility for launching the drone, while the border between Lebanon and Israel has witnessed a violent escalation of hostilities between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, since October 7, following Hamas’ sudden attack on Israel.

In the context of what it describes as “support for Gaza,” Hezbollah carries out missile and drone attacks on a daily basis against Israeli army forces and its positions on the border with Lebanon.

Hezbollah has previously claimed responsibility for a number of attacks targeting the Israeli army with drones, and has continuously announced, since the outbreak of clashes, the launch of spy and attack drones towards Israel.

In addition to Hezbollah, Iraqi factions have recently claimed responsibility for launching drones entering from the Syrian and Lebanese sides into Israel, the latest of which targeted the “Iliad” area near the Syrian Golan, while Iraqi factions previously claimed responsibility for targeting the Israeli Karish platform for gas exploration in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Lebanese-Israeli border is witnessing a continuous daily escalation, including mutual shelling and the most violent confrontations since the 2006 war.

The Lebanese National News Agency reported a series of Israeli air strikes and artillery shelling on Thursday, targeting several towns and villages along the border area between Lebanon and Israel, which is about 100 km long.

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, the Israeli army announced that it had launched precise air strikes targeting military sites and infrastructure belonging to Hezbollah.

The Israeli army spokesman also reported that several rocket shells had been launched that had penetrated the border from Lebanon towards various areas in northern Israel, landing in an open area.

He added that the Israeli army attacked the sources of fire and other targets, and three aircraft were spotted that crossed the border from Lebanon and crashed in the Jabal al-Rus (Har Dov) area.

Yesterday, Wednesday, in a series of statements transmitted by the Lebanese National News Agency, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for about 6 bombing operations targeting Israeli army gatherings and sites, in addition to missile attacks on the Kiryat Shmona residential area.

The escalating clashes raise international and local fears that the escalation will expand into a comprehensive war with the Lebanese side or a regional conflict, especially with the involvement of more military militias in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon in the ongoing war in Gaza.

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