After the “semi-naked” party… imprisonment for a singer in Moscow and harsh criticism of celebrities

A rapper who attended a celebrity concert wearing only socks was sentenced to 15 days in prison, sponsors of some of Russia’s most famous artists have canceled their contracts, and President Vladimir Putin is reportedly upset by the “semi-naked” party that was held in Moscow, according to Reuters. .

The “semi-naked” party in a Moscow nightclub, which was held at a time when Russia was waging war with Ukraine and the government was implementing a conservative social agenda, sparked unusually rapid and strong reactions.

A video clip was circulated of Putin’s official spokesman listening to an explanation from one of the stars who attended the ceremony, and the “Paza” news agency, known for its closeness to the security services, reported that the forces fighting in Ukraine were among the first to complain after seeing the footage and photographs of the event, The repercussions of which reached Putin.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, on Wednesday asked journalists to understand his position not to comment publicly, saying: “Let’s not discuss this topic.”

Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said the event had “tainted” its participants, but they now had a chance to work on themselves, according to the news site.

Reactions from authorities, pro-Kremlin lawmakers and bloggers, state media and religious groups dominated headlines for days, and the story trumped stories such as rising egg prices and inflation.

The party, which took place at Motapor nightclub in Moscow on December 21, was organized by the blogger, Anastasia (Nastya) Ivleva, and was attended by famous singers, in various states of nudity, some of whom have been known on state television entertainment programs for years.

Ivleva, who has since become one of Russia’s most recognizable names and attended wearing jewelry worth 23 million rubles ($251,000) at a time when some Russians are struggling to get by, released two public apology videos.

In the second clip, which was released on December 27, she said that she regretted her actions and deserved everything that happened to her, but she hoped to get a “second chance.”

Her name has since disappeared as one of the public faces of major Russian mobile operator MTS, tax authorities have opened an investigation that includes a possible five-year prison sentence, and a Moscow court accepted a lawsuit filed by a group of individuals demanding it pay 1 billion rubles ($10.9 million) for… “Moral suffering.”

If they succeed, they want the money to go to a government fund that supports Ukrainian war veterans.

“It’s shameful”

“Holding such parties at a time when our men are dying in the special military operation (in Ukraine) and many children are losing their parents is shameful,” said Yekaterina Mizulina, director of the Russian Association for Safer Internet. “Our soldiers on the front lines are definitely not fighting for this.” “.

Many famous participants in the party expressed their apologies, including journalist Ksenia Sobchak, whose late father, Anatoly, was a friend of Putin.

This incident comes at a time when Putin, who is expected to easily win another six-year presidential term in the March elections, stressed social conservatism and urged families to have eight or more children, and after the Supreme Court in Russia ruled to imprison community activists. memes and classifying them as “extremists”.

Nikolai Vasiliev, a rapper known as Vasio who attended wearing only socks, was sentenced by a Moscow court to 15 days in prison and fined 200,000 rubles ($2,182) for promoting “unconventional sexual relations.”

Concerts were cancelled, several other celebrities were prevented from broadcasting television programs on the state channel, contracts with sponsors were cancelled, and in at least one case, the name of a famous character was removed from the cast of a new film.

The scandal has angered those who support Russia’s war in Ukraine.

One woman, who said her nephew lost his legs in combat, wrote in a letter to the Safer Internet Association that the stars should pay for her relative’s prosthetic legs and others to compensate. “That would be a better apology,” the anonymous woman said.

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