What’s next for Netanyahu after top court ruling against judicial overhaul? | Benjamin Netanyahu News

[ad_1] The Israeli Supreme Court has struck down a controversial law that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government has been pushing for months – but caused uproar and prompted thousands of people to take to the streets in defiant protest. That decision is being seen as a blow to the coalition government which promised to … Read more

US presidential hopeful Haley fails to say slavery caused Civil War | Politics News

[ad_1] The GOP presidential contender later amended her response to a question from an attendee at a campaign event. Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has come under fire after failing to mention slavery when asked about the causes of the US Civil War, in which a coalition of pro-slavery southern states attempted to secede from … Read more

In bid to counter China, US ramps up effort to boost military ties in Asia | Politics News

[ad_1] On May 30, the United States accused China of intercepting one of its spy planes in an “unnecessarily aggressive manoeuvre” over the South China Sea. The American RC-135 plane, according to the US military, was conducting routine operations over the sensitive waterway when the Chinese fighter jet flew directly in front of its nose. … Read more

North Korea’s Kim calls on military to ‘accelerate’ war preparations | Politics News

[ad_1] Party speech suggests record year of weapons testing will continue into 2024 in defiance of international sanctions. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the military, including its nuclear programme, to “accelerate” war preparations to counter what he called unprecedented confrontational moves by the United States. Speaking at an ongoing meeting of the … Read more

Donald Trump stumbled in 2022. How is he leading the 2024 race? | Donald Trump News

[ad_1] Washington, DC – “Florida man makes announcement.” That’s how the New York Post, a right-wing tabloid, described the launch of Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign last year: with the headline equivalent of a shrug. It was a low point for Trump. Disappointing results for his handpicked candidates in the midterm elections had bruised his … Read more

Michigan Supreme Court keeps Donald Trump on 2024 primary ballot | Donald Trump News

[ad_1] US state’s top court refuses to hear appeal seeking to keep the ex-president from appearing on primary ballot. Michigan’s Supreme Court is keeping former President Donald Trump on the state’s primary election ballot. The court on Wednesday said it will not hear an appeal of a lower court’s ruling from groups seeking to keep … Read more

An American court refuses to exclude Trump from the 2024 elections

[ad_1] On Wednesday, the Michigan Supreme Court rejected a request to exclude former US President Donald Trump from the list of candidates for the presidential elections scheduled for next year due to his role in the Capitol events in 2021. This is a new effort as part of attempts aimed at preventing Trump’s name from … Read more

Jacques Delors, founding father of EU’s single currency project, dies at 98 | European Union News

[ad_1] Delors had a high-profile political career in France, where he also served as finance minister under Francois Mitterrand. Jacques Delors, former European Commission chief and a founding father of the European Union’s (EU) historic single currency project, has died. He was 98. The French socialist and ardent advocate of post-war European integration died in … Read more