The fighting between Hezbollah and Israel… Syrians are living a new tragedy


Israel’s war on Gaza left devastating effects that went beyond eliminating the Hamas movement, the declared primary goal of the continued bombing and shooting of the Strip until now. Among those affected were about 150 Syrians who lived in a quiet Lebanese village about 600 meters from the “Blue Line.” The unofficial border between Lebanon and Israel.

A newspaper highlightedIndependentsheds light on the suffering of these Syrians, including Asma, 29, who said that just over a decade after she fled the war in Syria as a teenager, she grabbed her two youngest children and ran again to escape the fighting, as Israel and Hezbollah take turns Artillery and missile firing on the Lebanese border.

From inside a school where she was sleeping on the floor of a classroom, without electricity, next to more than 150 people separated only by a cloth, Asmaa tells the newspaper about her tragedy, saying that the bombing was so close that the shrapnel caused injuries to her 11-year-old daughter’s face. years.

“We were sitting at home in the evening when the tank fire started getting closer and closer,” the mother of six told The Independent. “Then a shell fell in the garden in front of the house, so we ran away.”

She recounted that her five-month-old baby was screaming as they ran away from Israeli tank fire along the border areas of Lebanon in an attempt to find safety.

Behind her, Inam takes care of her five-month-old sister, wrapped in a blanket and lying on a piece of foam on the floor that the family uses as a shared bed.

He told the newspaper’s reporter, Bill True, “We saw the house next door completely destroyed and we didn’t even look to see what happened to the place we live in. We didn’t bring anything with us and fled.”

According to the newspaper, the family walked 11 miles (18 kilometers) to Bint Jbeil before a passerby offered to take them to a safer place on the outskirts of Tyre, as the city located in the far south of Lebanon has become a major refuge for thousands of people who have been displaced since the outbreak of hostilities between… Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah.

At the school in Tyre, the newspaper reported that electricity is only available for a few hours a day, and families rely entirely on cans of tuna and donated vegetables.

Randa Saeed, 29 years old, a mother of two children, told the newspaper, while she was sitting on the floor of one of the rooms, that her family fled when tank fire destroyed the house next to theirs. She told the newspaper that her children cry whenever they hear the sounds of lightning or thunder.

She added that war is not strange to the family, especially since her uncle Hussein Al-Sayed was killed by Israeli tank fire in 2006 when he tried to help an injured journalist, and the family was evacuated to Tripoli in the north at that time.

But she indicated in her interview with the newspaper that she tried to hold on to her position as much as possible, saying, “This time we stayed as long as possible as we had nowhere to go. In the end, tank fire destroyed the car and we realized that we had to flee.”

Her husband, Wahib Hameed, 45, says that the day after they left, their house was partially destroyed, and videos show the charred remains of a building. He added to the newspaper, “Even if the war ends, we do not know if we can return.”

Sharing the room with the family was Mustafa Saeed, Randa’s father, who has 11 children. He says he works as a day laborer, a job he cannot do now.

“We live entirely on donations, but we have no idea how long this will last,” he told the newspaper as children played in the background.

He asked, “Why don’t people in America and the United Kingdom put pressure on Israel to stop this?”

The newspaper quoted Bilal Kashmir, who is helping to coordinate the response to the crisis in the municipality of Tyre, as saying that there are 20,000 displaced people throughout the entire region, with 690 of the poorest and most vulnerable people seeking shelter in five schools in the region.

The Israeli army and Hezbollah are clashing in one of the most violent cross-border confrontations in 17 years, as the echoes of the Israeli war with Hamas in Gaza have reached the Lebanese border.

There are fears that the clashes will lead to an expanded conflict across the region if events escalate, according to the newspaper, which explained that this matter would be devastating for Lebanon, which is suffering from one of the worst economic crises in the world after the collapse of its financial system in 2019, which led to the destruction of the currency and an increase in… Poverty and paralyzing a large part of the country.

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