The Israeli embassy in South Korea withdraws the video of “Hamas attack in Seoul”

On Thursday, the Israeli army confirmed that a drone had crashed near a village in the Syrian Golan Heights, after an Iraqi faction claimed responsibility for an attack in the area.

Israeli media reported that an attack drone, likely equipped with explosives and launched from Syria, was shot down, on Wednesday night, south of the Eliad settlement, causing material damage but causing no casualties.

The Israeli army confirmed to Agence France-Presse that a march crashed near Eliad, without providing additional details in this regard.

The “Islamic Resistance in Iraq”, which includes factions loyal to Iran, announced in a statement that a “vital target” in the Golan was targeted with “appropriate weapons”, “in support of our people in Gaza.”

This group had previously announced the targeting of bases housing American forces and the anti-extremist coalition in Iraq, since the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip on October 7.

The war began following an unprecedented attack launched by the movement on southern Israel, which led to the killing of about 1,140 people, the majority of whom were civilians, according to an Agence France-Presse count based on the latest Israeli official figures. During the attack, about 250 hostages were taken, 129 of whom are still being held in Gaza, according to Israel.

Israel launched intensive bombardment of the besieged Strip, and began ground operations as of October 27, which led to the killing of 21,110 people, including more than eight thousand children and six thousand women, according to the latest figures issued by the Hamas government.

The war raised fears of the escalation expanding into a regional conflict, especially with the exchange of bombing on the Israeli-Lebanese border between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, and the attacks launched by the Houthis in Yemen on ships they say are linked to Israel in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, and the targeting of bases where American and international forces are present in Iraq and Syria.

Israel occupied parts of the Golan in the June 1967 war, and announced its annexation to its territory in 1981, in a move that was not recognized by the United Nations, according to Agence France-Presse.

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