Video of an Israeli soldier suffering from a “nervous attack”.. What is his reality?


As international calls for a ceasefire continue in light of the heavy civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip as a result of the ongoing Israeli strikes, social media users circulated a video of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in which the publishers claimed he says that “liquidating Hamas is a noble goal.”

However, the video is in fact a composite of different parts of a speech that Sisi gave after his meeting with the French President two months ago, in which he described reviving peace as a “noble goal.”

The video shows the Egyptian President speaking during what appears to be a conference, and the accompanying caption states, “Liquidating Hamas and the resistance factions is a noble goal in the eyes of the Egyptian President.”

In the video, the Egyptian President can be heard saying, “The declared goal of this war is to liquidate Hamas…and the President and I agreed together to work toward this noble goal.”

Composite video:

Split video

However, the video is in fact fragmentary and composite.

The original video returns For a conference journalist Total Al-Sisi with French President Emmanuel Macron On October 25, 2023, after his regional tour that included Israel, the occupied West Bank, and Jordan in an attempt to prevent the expansion of the war, and push towards relaunching the peace process after many years of stagnation.

In the full version of the joint conference, Al-Sisi did not say that “liquidating Hamas is a noble goal.” Rather, he said, “We must revive the peace process in the region with regard to the two-state solution. We agreed with His Excellency the President to move together and work together for this noble goal, which is to contain the crisis and not escalate it.” And the introduction of aid…”

But when he said, in another part of his speech, “The declared goal of the war is to liquidate Hamas and the armed factions in the Gaza Strip,” he continued the phrase by saying, “We know that this matter will require very long years, and hence the importance of striving to avoid a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.”

The video’s promoters combined these two different parts of the speech with the aim of misleading.

Fears of the war expanding

The spread of this video comes as international calls for a ceasefire continue in light of the heavy civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip.

An Agence France-Presse correspondent reported on Tuesday that Israeli strikes continued during the night, especially on Khan Yunis and neighboring Rafah on the border with Egypt, where tens of thousands of displaced people reside in tents.

Despite the hardline positions of both parties to the conflict, the Egyptian and Qatari mediators are still trying to negotiate a new truce, after a first truce that lasted a week at the end of November, which allowed for the release of 105 hostages and 240 Palestinian detainees, in addition to the entry of larger humanitarian aid convoys into Gaza.

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