The Court of Justice announces the date of hearing a lawsuit accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza

Last December 19, Egyptian telecommunications companies in three African countries (Egypt, Sudan, and Tanzania) were subjected to electronic piracy operations, according to what was published. Sites Information kit. An Iranian hacker group called “Muddy Water” claimed responsibility for the attack. attackwhich comes after similar attacks, but between Israel and Iran, against the backdrop of the … Read more

Why temples are a top campaign stop in Taiwan’s election | Elections News

New Taipei City, Taiwan – At Lixing Fude temple, one of the largest in the densely-packed district of Zhonghe in New Taipei City, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate William Lai Ching-te and DPP legislative candidate Wu Zheng lit incense and prayed for health, safety and peace for Taiwan. Left at the altar were offerings … Read more

Video “Arrest of the person who revealed Al-Arouri’s website to Israel”.. What is its truth?

Users and pages on social media shared a video clip that was said to show a tsunami hitting Japanese shores after the recent earthquake. Strong earthquakes struck central Japan on Monday, causing tsunami waves that exceeded a meter in height in some areas, prompting the authorities to ask residents to leave the affected areas and … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 680 | News

As the war enters is 680th day, these are the main developments. Here is the situation on Thursday, January 4, 2024. Fighting Russia and Ukraine exchanged hundreds of prisoners of war in the biggest single release of captives since Russia began its full-scale invasion in February 2022. Ukrainian officials said that 230 of its prisoners … Read more

How devastating was Monday’s earthquake in Japan? | Earthquakes News

On Monday, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit Japan near the Noto Peninsula in the Ishikawa prefecture, prompting tsunami warnings for the nine prefectures along the west coast of the country and neighbouring areas such as South Korea. More quakes are expected to come this week. Japan is particularly prone to earthquakes because four of the … Read more

Bangladesh cricket star Shakib Al Hasan’s election run divides hometown | Elections

Dhaka, Bangladesh – In Magura, a sleepy town in southwest Bangladesh, about 168km (104 miles) from capital Dhaka, more than a thousand people are gathered outside a circular-shaped auditorium. The crisp winter air barely cut short their enthusiasm as they waited for Shakib Al Hasan – their “boy from the hometown” and arguably the biggest … Read more

What’s next for Netanyahu after top court ruling against judicial overhaul? | Benjamin Netanyahu News

The Israeli Supreme Court has struck down a controversial law that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government has been pushing for months – but caused uproar and prompted thousands of people to take to the streets in defiant protest. That decision is being seen as a blow to the coalition government which promised to enact … Read more

Forbes: 11 cars that will “change the game” in 2024

With the advent of the new year, new cars and models enter the markets, and they are usually distinct from their predecessors in terms of specifications, designs, advanced technological devices, and other things. In this context, the magazine publishedForbesThe American newspaper, in a report entitled: “11 cars that will change the game in 2024,” said … Read more

Türkiye.. 33 people arrested on suspicion of “spying for Mossad”

On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the opposition parties of “exploiting” the dispute that occurred between two Turkish football clubs and Saudi officials, which led to the cancellation of the Turkish Super match that was scheduled in Riyadh, calling for not using what happened as a “provocative tool.” . The Turkish Super Cup … Read more